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Galveston, Texas

The Academic Core project required comprehensive planning and design to improve existing campus infrastructure while simultaneously unifying disparate buildings throughout the campus. Carefully detailed links now extend from existing building entries to the new axial, tree-lined walkways. These improved links reinforce continuity and connection within the campus master plan. The high-security Galveston National Laboratory sits just within the scope of the Academic Core boundary, making security measures and vehicular/pedestrian access a primary design concern. Materials selections were largely influenced by the long-standing Ashbel Smith Building, affectionately called “Old Red.” Shaded benches and improved lighting line walkways and provide members of the campus with new public spaces to congregate.

In addition to the Academic Core and Galveston National Laboratory projects, renovation to the existing Moody Medical Library was required. The proposal created space for a new university bookstore, staff offices, a cafe, and a large central mechanical room. By enclosing the exterior ground floor concourse and re-working the existing ground floor entry/lobby enclosure, all of the required spaces were achieved without interrupting or re-working the existing library on the floors above. A custom glazing system was developed to enclose the once-exterior space while careful detailing allowed the existing brick, coffered ceilings to remain. The interior finish-out of the university bookstore included all custom millwork, display fixtures, and merchandising requirements. The cafe was designed in partnership with Starbucks to create a large indoor/outdoor cafe for students, faculty, and staff.