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Strategy for Forgotten Space

Improbable sites, while seemingly problematic, actually create opportunity for new architectural readings, interpretations, and interventions within the city. Often, designers unintentionally make extraordinary spaces ordinary by pragmatically analyzing only site features and programmatic necessities, losing site of the less tangible genius loci deeply embedded in the site's existence.

These marginal and improbable gaps in the urban fabric require a more sensitive, and often less conventional, design process which identifies the site's 'personality' and assesses its role in the lives of the people surrounding it. Narratives help us to decode space and uncover multiple layers of a site's genius loci. Each individual's story reveals a unique relationship with the site, which generates architectural possibility. By synthesizing both pragmatic considerations and ephemeral relationships, we can fully understand a place and develop architecture which celebrates its complexity and potential.

'Urban Scripting' is a project which identifies a process for architecturally solving improbable space. Each site has a small residential component, coupled with a larger 'freespace' component which may be appropriated by nearby inhabitants in flexible ways. The narratives of individuals who populate the marginal space help us to transform static architectural solutions into dynamic social generators within the city.