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Design Build Project

This collaborative design/build studio began with a design competition to revive the dilapidated baseball fields at Sadie Thomas Memorial Park in the East MLK neighborhood of Bryan, Texas. Upon selecting the winning design, the construction scheduling, management, and fund procurement were carried out by the design/build studio team, with the support of the Bryan 2000 Reclamation Initiative and many local businesses.

The winning design's principle objective was to use inexpensive materials and simple construction techniques to create something extraordinary for the neighborhood. The design implemented engineered sail forms, suspended from reused chain link fencing material. These sails would breath life and movement into the otherwise decaying ballpark, in addition to providing much needed shade and protection from the weather. New CIP concrete dugout seating incorporated under-seating storage and was constructed using imbedded Sonotubes. By having a hand in every stage from design to engineering, scheduling to fundraising, the design/build team had a strong sense of value and economy.