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Social Generator + Explorative Center

This graduate level, comprehensive design studio focused on the archetypal central library and its ability to reconnect discontinuous regions of urban fabric. As a collective studio, we compiled a body of research containing various library case studies. From this, we individually proposed sites and solutions for the new Houston Central Library.

My individual proposal was informed by the diverse surrounding culture and seeks to act as a social generator which encourages the region to be further knit into a more densely woven urban fabric. The library will have a permeable urban presence, both materially and socially. Formal and informal entries will encourage both avid library users and unsure passersby to enter and explore. Three distinct zones will contain different 'atmospheres' within the structure. The base is a very active urban zone housing many of the most demanded and collaborative functions, the middle 'resource container' houses the collection and facilitates finding but also encourages browsing, and the top is an explorative zone with few experiential limitations. Each zone has unique material 'cues' which encourage different types of interaction within the space, in order to accommodate the diverse users and varying comfort levels. A dialog between the conscious and subconscious absorption of information will be present throughout the facility.